Random Commercial Parody: Long Lasting Crest (actually Colgate Total)

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Where it says "long lasting Crest" it should say "Colgate Total". Found out a bit too late to change it

Secondly, the "special toothpaste agent" in Colgate Total is a widely used anti-bacterial called Triclosan, which, after you spit it out, eventually winds up in the water cycle. Once there, the possibility exists that it could photosynthesize, or react with some other chemical and become some sort of super toxic dioxin maybe. This potentially super toxic dioxin would be hazardous in the parts per trillion range, meaning one drop could turn 30 olympic size swimming pools into poison. But you must remember to have a sense of perspective about this! This toothpaste keeps your mouth clean for 12 hours and these super toxic dioxins might not even form.

Also Note: I found the original commercial on youtube. Except it's not the exact same commercial... but definitely from the same campaign. Another problem: It's in portugese



This is supposed to be a Bizarro or Speed Bump parody. The idea behind this was to take the stupidest thing I could think of, call it Retarded, then make it look like it belonged in the funnies with all the other single panel strips. Most of the work was done in the art, which Justin enjoyed doing cause of all the details and hatching. Soon we may have to look at giving Brevity and Cornered and the like  the same treatment. After reading this months batch of Brevtiy strips at comics.com i really don't know how to do this. How do you make Brevity stupider? its a question i may have to answer soon

Newspaper Comic Strip week 3

After running this past some crit boards, we decided to put 3 strips up at a time so there would be no confusion about this being a gag a day strip. We also got a note about black spotting or grey toning the dailies so it wouldn't look so much like a coloring book.. It was a good note, and we still mean to get around to doing that, although it becomes unlikelier with each passing week since we'd have to retroactively apply it to all the strips. And the ncs guy would notice something like that.

Also eventually we're going to put the first two weeks of dailies in this format. Most new visitors to Riotfish dont' make it past strip 3 or 4 in the archives. So i think it's worth doing on the off chance that this is because of the perceived gag a day problem

And the blue bars are there cause we couldn't figure out how to post 3 different strips at a time in our comic press set up. It fits right in with the color scheme at riotfish though

Also we = me and the artist. I'm just the writer, maybe sometihng i should point out since i'm getting compliments on the art! the roughs I originally made of these strips look like crap, maybe i'll post some of those next just for the stark contrast between the first draft and the finished product , and as a credit to Justin's interpretation skills and drawing ability